Hampshire Health Record

The National Health Service (NHS) in Hampshire is improving the way it stores and uses information about you and your health needs so that we can provide faster and more convenient care.

The Hampshire Health Recored web site can be found here.

 The Hampshire Health Record (HHR) contains information extracted from your GP and Hospital records and makes them available to clinical staff wherever they are treating you.

  • It gives the people taking care of you the right information at the right time.
  • It provides health professionals with the information to make informed decisions about your treatment more quickly.
  • It reduces the time wasted waiting for information, meaning you can be treated sooner.

 We always ensure any information stored about you in the HHR is protected and seen only by the right people and for the right reasons.

 We will protect your rights to privacy and confidentiality at all times.

 You must give your consent before your details may be accessed in the HHR (unless it is an emergency) and you can opt out if you do not wish your record to be available in this way.

The opt-out form can be found on the Hampshire Health Record web site, but a copy  of the opt-out form has been provided here for your convience.

You can contact them by email at : info@hantshealthrecord.nhs.uk

by telephone at: 0300 123 1519

by fax: 023 8064 4789

or by post at:

Hampshire Health Record
NHS Hampshire
112 Southampton Road
SO50 5PB